Author Liza Cordero

Who is Liza?

Liza Cordero is a science fiction & fantasy author. A storyteller, code weaver, art lover, audio book addict, and stress baker.

What is The Scientist King?

The Scientist King is author Liza Cordero’s debut novel about an artificial intelligence who plays matchmaker to win a war against magic.

What is Curse of the Unseen?

Curse of the Unseen is Liza’s second novel about a widow’s grief and second chance at love from the point of view of her dead husband.

What is next for Liza?

She is currently working on the nth draft of her next fairytale for grownups. A cross between Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs and Romeo & Juliet. She is hoping to publish Attachments in 2021.

What is the Reading List for?

The Reading List is a list of books Liza has escaped to and enjoyed. She believes that you can get to know a person by seeing the contents of their book shelf so here is a peek at hers.

Writing Notes


The characters whose lives Liza lived and notes on how they were developed.  Tips on how they helped Liza enjoy their story.  How a great main character results in an unforgettable user experience.


Theme exploration of published works that presented an idea that captured Liza’s imagination.  How a theme was presented, broken down, and incorporated into a story.


Notes about the craft of writing from published works of art in storytelling.


The fantasy worlds that have captured Liza’s imagination.  Magic systems that made me believe.  Creatures that authors breathed life into.


Authors Liza loves and what she learned from their works.


Sci Fi inspiration of futuristic worlds, technological concepts Liza has only dreamed about, and how to incorporate these into an awesome story.

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